Holstein Friesian

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Production, £PLI, SCC & Lifespan
Bull Lists   (new lists ranked on £PLI and each trait)
Top 1000 CowsFile for viewing and printing (.pdf)
File for editing (.csv)
Top Herds Herds ranked on herd average £PLI
Explanation of Results ListsExplains the variables listed on the results lists
Holstein Breed CodesBreed codes for Holstein Friesians
Interbull Production
Interbull Somatic Cell Count
TypeConversions for type traits are produced by HUK
Linear Type and Composite Traits
Linear Type ResultsCan be obtained from HUK

Bar Charts:

Top Bulls Available in the UK

Quick overview of a bull’s linear and composite traits along with production information.Top 20 bulls ranked on £PLI for each bull that has a type proof with at least 50 % reliability.
Breed Statistics
Breed StatisticsBull, Cow and Herd Standards, Genetic Trend

Bar Charts
Top Bulls Available in the UKOutside Organisation Files
Holstein Production Bull FileFile Format
Friesian Breed codesregistered cowsunregistered cows

Excel Spreadsheet with Top 100 £PLI bulls, all bulls having a type proof with at least 50 % reliability.
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